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Labs Facilities

Control Technology Lab

The Control technology laboratory consists of four training modules: Pneumatics, Electro Pneumatics, hydraulics, Programmable Logic Controller.

The Laboratory is equipped with state of art training modules from FESTO Germany. The students are provided hands on training on the training equipment to meet the demands of industry. A pneumatic panel is attached to the Mitsubishi PLC with Analogue Module and HMI where the students develop their own user program load it on PLC & HMI and interface it to related pneumatic circuit. The laboratory is also equipped with audio visual aids for using Didactic Material.

Main Process Lab

The main Process Laboratory is equipped with stat of art computer controlled training equipment for Process Control Industrial Instrumentation. It comprises following simulated Industrial Chemical processes with hardware interfaced to PLC’s & FIPWAY Network


Liquid Liquid Extraction Equipment


Continuous Distillation Column Unit


Pearly Column Teaching Pilot Plant


Petro Chemical Cracking & Distillation Unit


Isothermal Reactor with Stirrer


Tubular Flow Reactor


Gas Absorption Column


Ammonia Production Pilot Plant


Process Control Plant with Industrial Instrumentation & Service Module

Process Variable Lab

The Laboratory consists of Computer Controlled Training Equipment on Temperature, Pressure, Flow and Level from EDIBON Spain with eight training modules.

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab consists of about 12 fully functional computes interconnecting through WiFi network, which are fulfilling the computing needs of the students. Various computer software and computer languages are taught to the students.

Electronics Lab

Electronics labs equipped with the latest electronics trainer and equipments. Students of all three years are introduced here to work as per their subject’s lab.